Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Papa John's pizzeria has received a financial boost following the news that East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) has promised to help fund the takeaway service.

Young people struggling to find any sort of employment who are being forced to take up the most embarrassing and low paid of jobs, are to be supplied with mopeds so they can deliver pizza for Papa John's.

The 'Wheels to Work' programme will provide 12 fully taxed and insured 50cc mopeds for a nominal charge of £12 per week each.

Pizza Transportation Technicians can reap a salary of £3.57 per hour (the minimum wage) plus all drunken overpayments, which can be substantial.

Drew Bennie Fitz, Jobcentre Plus manager for Petersfield, said: "EHDC is helping us to get the unemployment figures down ahead of the impending election. I think this is a great initiative and should enable us to place some of those individuals that we had considered unemployable.

“Appearance can be important for some employers, but by working in the dark and wearing a helmet we should be able to find jobs for some of the spottiest mingers.

"We'll also spend some of the money on safety training - when delivering pizzas stacked with cheese you have to ride very caerphilly.”

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