Friday, March 05, 2010

Post Office hits back at Christmas criticism

A Royal Mail spokesman has jumped to the defence of the postal service after it was criticised for taking two months and five days to deliver a Christmas card to London from Petersfield.

Rick Ordeddelivery explained: “This isn’t actually as bad as it would first appear. We have actually been a victim of our own high standards of customer service.

“In the run-up to Christmas there was such a queue at Petersfield Post Office that we actually went down the queue offering to postmark people’s cards and letters there and then to save them time when they actually reached a cashier.

“So while the Christmas card delivered to Ms Woods may have a December postmark it was received by her only 48 hours after the sender finally reached the front of the queue and spoke to a cashier.

“And as anybody who uses the Petersfield Post Office regularly will tell you, queuing only for two months to get served is actually a ‘right result’.”

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