Monday, March 08, 2010

Toyota recall for drivers

Toyota has been forced to recall its 4x4 models from owners around Petersfield.

However, the world's largest auto producer has denied there are mechanical problems with the vehicles.

"This has nothing to do with any faults," stressed spokesman Wata Loadatoshi. "It’s just that the owners appear to be driving like TWATS!"

He said the recall would involve at least the All New Land Cruiser, the RAV4 and the Hilux models.

"The problem is worst in the morning around local primary schools where mums seem to think that if they’re driving a 4x4 they can just stop in the middle of the road to get their little darlings out as close as possible to the gates. God forbid that the little sods should actually have to walk a few yards!

"These same drivers also appear to believe they can plough roughshod over any pavements in the town – although bizarrely they don’t like to get too close to hedges in narrow lanes in case they get their shiny 4x4s a little bit dirty."

Mr Loadatoshi urged BMW, Land Rover, VW and Jeep to follow suit.

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