Thursday, March 04, 2010

Weather tis nobler...

We are delighted to have received the following letter from four keen weather watchers...

To the chaps at Petersfield Newswire.

We should like to go public to thank you most whole heartedly for the valuable public service you provide.

We do not refer to your welcome reportage, which succinctly summarises and presents to us, in manageable chunks, the news that most affects us in our locale.

No, no. we refer specifically to the on-line weather forecasting system that has proved so incredibly accurate.

No need to listen to the boring old News at Ten any more, waiting for what seems like an eternity for some weirdo or floozy, with windmill arms, who is more intent on stamping their personality on their little three-minute slot, only to find that Petersfield's own distinct microclimate once again isn't worthy of a mention.

Each morning we simply get up (quite separately I would like to add), log on to Newswire, and look at the masthead to see what the day ahead will bring.

Keep up the excellent work.
Gus T Windz
Annie Mometer
Gail Warning
Mack Relsky

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