Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Take home a piece of Petersfield

Last week we reported the launch of a new range of Petersfield souvenirs.

As we revealed, three groups you've never heard of are calling the town 'The Windermere of the South' and have joined forces to produce an attractive selection of Petersfield souvenirs.

Today we continue our look at what's on offer.


What home is complete without this delightful painting of the area's official seat of power, Penns Palace? Painted over a 10-year period by the increasingly senile local artist Daventry McAllister, the painting is realised in oil, pastel, crayon and dribble.

See how the work captures the very essence of the Palace, a structure whose architectural brilliance has inspired so many local planning decisions.


Badges: proudly show your pride and achievement with the "I survived the Q" honour button badge or demonstrate your commitment to supporting the community with this "I will Q 4 U" design.

We will reveal more increasingly tacky souvenirs next week.

Have you any ideas for your own kitsch Petersfield souvenirs? If so email your ideas to us at

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  1. How about some Lower Mead mead? I'd drink it.