Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Petersfield welcomes tourists

Petersfield is set to be a magnet for tourism as the South Downs National Park and then, soon after, the A3 tunnel open.

Already, three groups you've never heard of are calling the town 'The Windermere of the South' and have joined forces to produce an attractive selection of Petersfield souvenirs.


Winner takes all in the ultimate game of capitalist greed, now set in Petersfield. Move round the square hoping to land on a space, spend a fortune at the railway station, enjoy free parking and put little red houses wherever you like. Then go home and play this game.

The Petersfield Monopoly is designed to appeal to locals


Both striking and anatomically correct, this scale model of Petersfield's central landmark comes in three sizes: tacky, tackier and tackiest. Limited edition 'Friday night' model has realistic vomit effect to the plinth.

Various sizes of hand are available

We will bring you more of Petersfield's new souvenir range next week.

All images courtesy of manufacturer PPPP Ltd (Petersfield's Piss-Poor Plastics)

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