Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Petersfield man on way to Petersfield?

Petersfield's top athlete could be heading for Love Lane

Pompey's dire financial plight might see the club's number one fan transferred to his local non-league team, Petersfield Town.

The Premiership's crisis club have threatened to ban their most easily recognisable fan, John Anthony Portsmouth Football Club Westwood, if he does not refrain from standing during matches.

A club spokesman said: "We have budgeted only for fans to sit down during matches. Standing puts an extra strain on the concrete and could necessitate immediate repairs which, quite frankly, we can't afford.

"If John does not sit down we may have to transfer him, bell and all, to somewhere more suitable."

The news was greeted with delight by John's local club Petersfield Town which plays in the Non-Existent County League division one.

Club spokesman Lois 'Love' Lane said: "We would welcome John with open arms. This club is ideal for him. He can stand in the bar drinking for 90 minutes and still watch the game, which you can't do at Premiership level.

"And the residents nearby would like nothing more than to hear a bell, bugle and drum ringing out every other Saturday afternoon and Tuesday evening. Indeed, one of the residents contacted me only the other day asking if we could make more noise at matches in preparation for when the new skatepark opens.

"If John comes to watch our games it would seemingly suit everybody."

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