Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The pitch is back

A view of the all-weather pitch from across The Causeway

Petersfield’s all-singing, all-dancing all-weather pitch is finally open – after being held up by … er, the weather.

"It’s fantastic!" said head teacher at the town’s Big School Ms Dee Tention.

"All the pupils will be able to play football, hockey and cricket in all weathers from now on.

"Well, unless it snows obviously. Or if it’s too icy, and possibly if it’s a bit too rainy or windy. But it should be fine for a three-day window of sunny weather just before we break up for Easter. But only up until 8pm..."

The development has also been welcomed by residents of the nearby Causeway who have been basking in the new floodlights.

Richard Malcontent, 83, said: "It’s only been open for a couple of days and I’ve already managed to save around a tenner on my electricity bill by turning all my lights off and simply drawing back the curtains.

"I’ll soon have enough to cover my first broken window when the cricket season starts."

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