Friday, October 02, 2009

Al Fahim's road to nowhere

Many thanks to Bunky for allowing us to use this story - the first to be supplied to us by a resident of the town. But we preferred our own headline . . . sorry.
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Sulaiman al Fahim, left, and his pastry chef
pose outside the billionaire's palatial home in UAE

Pompey owner Sulaiman al Fahim has been outbid in his attempt to buy Wessex League division one side Petersfield Town.

Al Fahim turned his attention to the Love Lane outfit after making a right pig’s-ear of his ownership of Premiership Pompey. It is believed he claimed to have letters of credit to the tune of £50m to allow him to go through with the purchase of Petersfield, but club chairman, Adi Das, has turned down his offer in favour of a bid from a 14-year-old busker in the town.

Das said: “Al Fahim has letters of credit but teenager Jimmy Hendricks had a letter from his mum excusing him from gym and she has a lot more credibility.

“We always see Jimmy busking in the square and his guitar case is always full of coppers, so he’s shown a lot more fundraising acumen than Mr al Fahim.”

Al Fahim had promised to turn Love Lane into a 150,000-seater stadium with naked cheerleaders handing out £20-notes to each supporter. And although Hendricks' sales pitch of knocking 5p off a bottle of Bulmers is not as spectacular, Adi Das felt that in the long-term Petersfield Town would see more benefit from the innovative Bulmers scheme.

Al Fahim is currently believed to be licking his wounds in a Dubai hospital while utilising his fundraising team of letter-writing Nigerians to plan a second bid for the club.

Jimmy Hendricks said succinctly: “Whatever!”

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