Monday, October 12, 2009

That's a Shortback and Sides (SAS)

Nick is easy to spot in the barber's shop...

An ex-SAS soldier turned Petersfield hairdresser is hoping to organise a reunion for former elite troops who he believes live and work in the region.

Ex Staff Sergeant Nick Yerearoff enthused: "There must be loads of the lads out there. I know of several who work in town. There's Cheese-wire Barrett who does dress alterations up at the dry cleaners and 'Mad Dog' Jenkins at Beautiful Nails to name just a couple.

"There's a bond between these lads, an unbreakable bond. If we can get enough of us together we'll have one hell of a party."

The reunion will take place at the Adam and Eve It bar, on Saturday, October 24, undercover of darkness and avoiding lit areas.

Nick added: "I understand the bar has recently introduced real ale, but I suspect the lads will be sticking to cocktails."

To get in touch with Staff Sergeant Nick Yerearoff, call 01730 101010 and press three for Perms and Root Treatments.

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