Friday, October 09, 2009

Never mind the Balaerics

A Petersfield teenager has appealed for help from local businesses - to make a dream fact-finding trip come true.

Tarquin Ponsoby-Smyth, 19, of Steep, is planning to research the heritage and customs of a group of islands off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

"It's a fascinating place and I intend to throw myself fully into this," said the former Market Town Posh Paying School pupil, now studying dance history at the University of East Hampshire.

"I've heard that on one island called Ibeefa a kind of mass hysteria develops after large groups of people drink a local brew called San Miguel named after one of their saints. They are also supplied with a kind of energy-giving medicine supplied by a kind of witch doctor they call a "dealer".

"After they've imbibed, hordes of people will stay up all night performing an endless dance ritual."

Tarquin remains undaunted at the dangers of his trip and added:  "I know it sounds harrowing but I want to get the full experience of these rustic islands and it will help loads with my degree.

"That's why I need a bit of financial help. Mummy and daddy have given some money towards the trip - but if I can't get a bit more cash together I might have to share an apartment without a pool..."

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