Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Scooter rally bid for town

Petersfield is to take on Brighton, Margate and the Isle of Wight in a bid to become the country’s premier venue for scooter rallies.

Attracting hundreds of scooter enthusiasts to the town on bank holiday ‘runs’ could provide a much-needed boost to the local economy, according to organisers.

"Things have changed a lot since the ‘60s when these events meant nothing but trouble," said Albert ‘the mod’ Blenkinsop of Petersfield Hi Ace Scooter Club.

"These days us old timers are far more likely to ride a Lark or a Pride than a Lambretta or Vespa – but we still like taking to the open road when we can.

"A rally in Petersfield would be great – we could stage races around the statue in the Square…if it’s allowed to stay."

The idea already has the backing of clubs from around the country, including the Chelsea Scooter Boys, pictured below…

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