Thursday, October 22, 2009

Red Lion could be roaring success again

Shazza: "We likes it as it is like..."

Ever-expanding pub chain J D Wetherspoon is set to take over the Red Lion pub in College Street, Petersfield.

But Petersfield residents have mixed feelings regarding the news, at least according to our hastily convened vox pop.

We spoke to four young customers who were seated outside the Red Lion, in the car park - Duane, Shazza, Troy and Tyler - none of whom would divulge their age.

“Nightmare,” said Troy. “I mean, what’s wrong with it as it is?”

Shazza added: “Yeah we likes it as it is, like. You only has to get one drink of coke to get a glass an then you can top up with vodka from a bottle all night like.”

Tyler could see problems with the new management.

“Do Thunderspoons or whatever they are called ‘ave bouncers?" he mused, unexpectedly. "They do don’t they? Outside like.”

Duane chipped in: “Nightmare”.

We also spoke to Norma Leah Brandy, 86, from The Spain.

She said: "It's got to be good news, definitely good news; well I mean, the Red Lion is crap isn’t it? I only come here because I’m barred from all the other pubs. This place will let anyone in.”

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