Monday, October 05, 2009

Airlift race drama - shoe lost!

Tragedy almost struck the popular annual Butser Air Ambulance race last weekend, when a well-heeled jogger ran in front of one of the competing choppers.

Spike Shoes, a 34-year-old running enthusiast, was caught up in the annual fundraiser when he went for his regular jog through Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

He said: “I had no idea there was such an event. One minute I was kneeling down to scrape a bit of dirt off my shiny new trainers and the next I was being bundled into a helicopter by interfering busybodies who aren’t even paid to do the job.

“Apparently they thought I was having a coronary but I was appalled. I paid nearly £200 for those Nike running shoes and they left one behind when we took off – I nearly had real heart attack when I realised what those idiots had done. The guy kept blathering on about saving my life. What about saving my bloody shoes?

“There’s no point saving me if I can only hop up to the top of the hill in future. I’m not made of money.”

A spokesman for the local voluntary air ambulance service said: “Tosser!”

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