Monday, October 26, 2009

A question of answers

Tensions boiled over at the Square Brewery pub quiz as arguments erupted between competitors and the quizmaster.

The problems stemmed when several disgruntled voices queried the official answer to a seemingly innocent question and escalated to the point where bar staff issued free nuts and crisps in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

The offending question asked if the Great Wall of China could be seen from space with seven of the eight teams present answering yes, the incorrect answer.

Major Harry Gant, team captain of Three Blokes – No Chance said: “Everyone knows the Great Wall of China can be seen from space.

“We all answered yes and it’s ridiculous it has come to this, he should have just given us the points.

“I’ve lived in Petersfield nearly 40 years and this is the first time anyone has ever questioned my opinion, its outrageous.”

Petersfield quiz champion Mr Mind, the only man to answer correctly, said: “Quizzes have changed and people aren’t happy about it.

“It’d be a lot easier if we went with the most popular answer for every question but that’s just not happening.”

Quizmaster Noel de Answers said: “It was all my fault really, people weren’t happy with the answers so I should have changed them.

“I’m new to Petersfield quizzes and didn’t realise that everyone here is right. But don’t worry we’ll be back the week after next.”

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